With an abundance of demands for leaders/educators today, initiative fatigue is common.  Learn how to audit your organization’s initiatives, prioritize your goals, and select the highest leverage areas to create a plan of action to accomplish those goals.
This professional learning series is facilitated on-site (in your school, district, or ISD) with leadership teams* at any level across four half-day sessions.  The pillars of authentic leadership practice include trust/relationships, communication, change theory, and professional capacity building.  The team completes an initiative audit and develops a framework for implementation in order to obtain clarity and focus on only those few instructional initiatives that will highly impact student learning and growth. Learning is grounded in research and resources supported by ASCD.  The collective learning for the team will develop shared knowledge, skills, and dispositions using protocols, strategies, and modeling that will sustain quality conversations and decision-making into the future.
*Leadership teams may include any combination of administrators, ancillary professionals, teachers and other instructional support personnel, and are determined by the participating school, district, or county.

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