MEMSPA is a community of principals dedicated to advocating, leading and learning. They recognize the evolving nature of the principal’s role and support those committed to this important work. MEMSPA is the vital knowledge network and voice for principals in Michigan, shaping effective solutions for everyday problems and emerging challenges.

Eidex was founded to help school districts find answers within their mountains of data. Through a powerful mix of software, training, support, consulting, and collaboration, Eidex guides school administrators toward insight. Eidex Focus is the first tool to bring true business analytics to K-12 administrators. With Eidex Focus, administrators can evaluate and analyze data, compare with peers, discover trends, set realistic goals, and gain insight into their districts. Then, backed by our support and consulting staff, they turn that insight into action.

The Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) is the professional association serving superintendents and their first line of assistants, who serve as CEOs for their community’s public schools. MASA serves as an information-rich source of advice and support in areas critical to over 700 public school superintendents and first-line assistants in 584 school districts and 56 intermediate school districts.

The mission of the MAC is to improve student learning and achievement through a system of coherent curriculum, balanced assessment, and effective instruction. We do this by collaboratively promoting assessment knowledge and practice, providing professional development, producing and sharing assessment tools and products.

Michigan Virtualformerly known as Michigan Virtual University® & Michigan Virtual School®, has been working hard to provide a path to the future for students and educators since 1998. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation focused on education, they believe that brilliance resides in all of us, ready to change the world with next big idea. MV is dedicated to helping each student shine their brightest by enhancing their opportunities to learn and working to strengthen the teachers that will show them the way.

Kids Read Now was created in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Leib Lurie and his wife Barbara, a reading specialist and educator, after reading about the summer reading slide, which causes disadvantaged students to lose 2-3 months of education over summer break. Using proven pedagogical techniques and refined over five years with 13,000 kids in 10 districts across three states, the Kids Read Now turn-key in-home summer reading program offers proven results.

GrapeSEED is a complete oral language acquisition and critical listening program that closes the achievement gap in language and improves test scores for all students. Backed by educational research and proven results, it levels the playing field for children and is a game changer for schools.  GrapeSEED supplements a district’s Literacy Curriculum used in early childhood education centers, preschools, pre-K classrooms, Head Start programs and Kindergarten – Second Grade elementary classrooms.

The Curriculum Crafter® Tool is a dynamic web-based curriculum management and design tool that offers embedded, researched-based curriculum which will align to your state standards. The curriculum can be customized to your needs and support your current initiatives.