Reopening Michigan Schools


In this pre-recorded learning opportunity, Dr. JoAnn Andrees and Nicole Ellefson of MSU K-12 Outreach, discuss and guide you through two sessions geared to support your school district as you plan to reopen amid continued uncertainty

The first session is entitled “Getting It Started and Keeping It Going” and will address ways that you can assemble and launch a reopening team.

The second session is entitled “Collaborative Planning in the Face of Change” and will discuss how to reconceptualize instructional planning in an era where schools must be prepared to teach both remotely and face to face.

Sessions are lead by Dr. JoAnn Andrees and Nicole Ellefson.   Dr. JoAnn Andrees is a former superintendent of schools in West Bloomfield, MI and current coach and facilitator at the MSU Office of  K-12 Outreach.  Nicole Ellefson is an educational researcher, outreach specialist at the MSU Office of  K-12 Outreach, and former elementary educator.




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