Planting Seeds: Introduction Sessions with Melissa Usiak


In this pre-recorded learning opportunity, Melissa Usiak discusses and guide you through how to plant the seeds for practical implications for our transition back into schooling in Fall 2020.

As we embrace our new normal and settle into our virtual learning spaces, what can we now begin to consider in our planning for an unknown future in schools?  It is not too early to begin thinking about how we support students, staff, families, and community  throughout the summer and  into the fall.    In the two part introduction, we will plant some seeds to get you thinking about practical implications for organizational change. Sessions to follow will dig deeper with school leaders from across the State.  Using resources, examples and models, participants will be supported to plan strategically for new ways of doing school.

Introduction Session Objectives:

    • Consider areas that need intentional planning to open the 20-21 school year
    • Establish why planning ahead is critical
    • Determine who will support these efforts in your school/district

When purchasing this webinar, you will receive a digital download that includes:

  • Slides for Sessions 1 & 2
  • Webinar Recording of Sessions 1 & 2, approximately 30 minutes each
  • A Folder of Handouts for Sessions 1 & 2
  • Chat Transcripts from the Original Live Course




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