MAC Reads Calendar

October 12, 2021—4-6 pm. MAC Reads Launch—–Join groups of educators from across Michigan with a statewide kickoff to the event. This 2 hour webinar will set the stage for the event.

January 26, 2002—4-6 pm. Culminating Event is a MAC Facilitated conversation with the author, Margaret Heritage, and participants from other book study groups from around the state.

Michigan ASCD Study Group Calendar

COST: $35.00/person

Nov. 16 2021—4-6 pm. Two hour meeting with Michigan ASCD colleagues reading the book to discuss and dialogue around Chapters 1 and 2 of the book.
Dec. 14, 2021 –-4-6 pm. Two hour meeting with Michigan ASCD colleagues reading the book to discuss and dialogue around Chapters 3 through 6 of the book.
January 11, 2022—4-6 pm. Two hour meeting with Michigan ASCD colleagues reading the book to discuss and dialogue around Chapters 7 through 10 of the book. 

Looking for an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the implementation of formative assessment practices that can truly impact student growth, learning and achievement? Than this book study opportunity is for you!

Join Michigan ASCD as we engage in reflecting and dialoguing around Margaret Heritage’s most recent book Formative Assessment in the Disciplines: Framing a Continuum of Professional Learning. This book was selected by the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) for their 2021-22 MAC Reads Event and Michigan ASCD is joining the learning by hosting a study group!

About the Book: In this book, the authors Margaret Heritage and Caroline Wiley, present a compelling look at the connections between the formative assessment process, ambitious teaching and disciplinary knowledge. Using real-life examples, they lead the reader through a clear and accessible professional learning framework that will deepen every educator’s understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to implement discipline-based formative assessment practices to improve teacher efficacy and student achievement.

Participant in this years’ MAC READs will expect to realize:
• An increased, and shared, awareness of the formative assessment process.
• A unique understanding of the formative assessment process as embedded in various content areas.
• An awareness of Ambitious Teaching and how it intersects with formative assessment to enhance quality teaching and learning.
• A deeper connection to one’s own practice; perhaps moving along the continuum of knowing to doing and/or from doing to being more intentional and purposeful about implementation.
• An increased understanding of the layers of professional learning inherent in our schools as we differentiate experiences for our pre-service, novice and more seasoned educators.

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