Systems for Continuous Improvement

with Ben Boerkoel & Jennifer Sell

Description of the Session

This session provides a blueprint for aligning data-driven district and school level improvement plans, as well as tools and processes to implement, monitor and evaluate plans that get results.

Specific Outcomes for the Session
  • Clear understanding of five core processes that improve schools
  • Identified areas for improving the alignment between school and district processes
  • Tools and resources to support continuous improvement
  • Deepened professional relationships through dialog and idea sharing
Key Topics
  • Environmental scan of national, state and local factors that impact school processes
  • 5 core processes that improve schools from Align the Design
  • Data collection processes
  • Balanced assessment model
  • System alignment of district and building continuous improvement actions
  • Aligning professional learning with Standards for Professional Learning
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Continuous Improvement on multiple levels