Planning & Managing Resources

with Kate VanHouten

Description of the Session
School districts must be about the business of managing their core work, which involves a focus on teaching and learning as a priority.  In a time where innovation and “re-imagining” education is critical but resources are scarce, leaders need to be thoughtful, trustworthy, equitable, and creative in their planning and allocation of resources.  Adherence to one’s core values as a leader, and the maintenance of courage and integrity in decision-making will be essential.

Participants will receive information related to decision-making, creative practices for managing resources and tools, and strategies that help support the district vision while addressing budgetary realities and priorities.

Specific Outcomes for the Session
Participants will:
  • Examine 5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders (Kouzes & Posner)
  • Understand the importance of trust
  • Leave equipped with strategies to build trust and manage conflict
  • Share best practices regarding communication of district vision and budget priorities
Key Topics
  • Decision making protocols
  • Reeves Implementation Audits
  • Academiz Return of Investment
  • Exemplary leadership as it pertains to trust, shared vision and decision making
  • Communication strategies
  • Creative practices for managing time