Program Accountability

with Carmen Kennedy

Description of the Session

This session will underscore central office responsibility for providing and supporting quality programs focused on student achievement, and will provide clarity related to expectations and requirements for teacher, principal and central office appraisal processes that address Michigan law.

Specific Outcomes for the Session
  • Clarify the expectations + requirements of state law about teacher, principal & central office performance appraisal processes
  • Understand research driven elements that are needed for a comprehensive Educator Evaluation System
  • Learn strategies for planning & conducting meaningful conversations in educator performance appraisal processes focused on professional growth
  • Examine samples of processes & instruments used in districts to meet Michigan law
  • Assess current systems for accountability
Key Topics
  • Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness Report and the State of Michigan Legislation pertaining to Educator Evaluation
  • Six Research Characteristics of Effective Educator Evaluation
  • Importance of blending inspection and demonstration in the evaluation process
  • Models of Teacher and Administration Evaluation Tools and Processes
  • Strategies for conversations focusing in on professional growth
  • Accountability Measures