Cultures for Learning

with Kelli Campbell

Description of the Session

This session focuses on the importance of school culture, its impact on student achievement, and processes to strengthen and sustain healthy cultures, as well as ways to address behaviors with negative impacts.

Specific Outcomes for the Session
At the conclusion participants will be able to:
  • Clear understanding of the role of school/district culture & relationships in impacting student achievement
  • Tools and processes to strengthen culture and relationships
  • Awareness of the elements of school culture that are supporting and detracting from Change Initiative Processes, and how to address them
  • Methods to build relationships with external customers
Key Topics
  • Research on school culture and relationships and impact on student achievement
  • Elements of healthy school cultures
  • Reculturing vs. Restructuring
  • Attributes of high quality relationships
  • Engaging diversified external customers in shaping culture and growing relationships