Deb Pickering - Quality Instruction and Educator Evaluation

Michigan ASCD hosted a Pre-Conference, and follow-up breakout session, at the 2012 MASA Fall Conference.  Deb Pickering presented a cohesive vision of Quality Instruction and the Educator Evaluation process!

Conference Program 

September 26, 2012

Pre-Conference - 8am – noon

Many changes are coming our way. Leadership in schools and district will determine the extent to which these efforts will make a difference in the classroom.  In this keynote, Dr. Pickering will address some of these leadership challenges and make specific recommendations—some predictable, some radical.  Participants will have the opportunity to increase understanding of:

•       The potential for change with the new standards for learning (Common Core) and teaching (Teacher Evaluation)

•       Recommendations for creating and sustaining a culture of Evidence-Based Reflective Practice that includes not only classroom observations, but focused use of classroom artifacts and students’ input.

•       Specific Instructional Goals that are likely to get your students to where you would like them to be, e.g. communicating learning goals, providing feedback, teaching higher level thinking.

Breakout - Leadership for Instructional Improvement – 3:15 - 4:30

Building on the keynote, Dr. Pickering will provide more detailed recommendations for working collaboratively with teachers to use classroom observations, classroom artifacts, and students’ voices to celebrate and improve effective instruction.

Presentation Resources:

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