Beating the Odds

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Post date: Apr 18, 2012

North Ohio Elementary is a k-3 building with 425 students and a free and reduced lunch count of 57%. The following plan took place over the past three school years.

Post date: Apr 18, 2012

To begin this journey we knew that it must start with the school leadership team. The leaders have a crucial role in the building and we knew that the stage must be set and the environment cultivated for teachers to perform at their best. Therefore, our story begins with the thinking processes and values the leadership team put into place to change the culture of the building and ensure our teachers could rise to their highest potential. Our journey can best be displayed by the following graphic which the leadership team developed, embraced and utilized throughout the years.

Post date: Dec 30, 2010

When parents send their children off to kindergarten they hope that they will be safe, instilled with the joy of learning and a sense of wonder, made to smile and laugh each day, fueled with a desire to explore the world, and that their creativity will be sparked. Although each child comes to school with different needs, the reality is that we continue to put all learners in the same box for learning as if all students are the same. We are told to judge all students by the same standards or testing procedures, which restricts the learner and impedes learning for a large proportion of our students. We grade our students’ and schools’ success by the score of a test given once each year and by our rating on government-mandated guidelines.